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This second page of inland river opportunities brings more links for inland transport companies
handling bulk petroleum, bulk chemical, coal, specialty chemicals, solvents and other types of
transport. See what's new at
Consol Energy , which operates 29 tugs and 650 barges.
Inland carriage of acid, caustic,other bulk chemicals and petroleum products fill a large part of the
niche of inland transport, sometimes with intermodal links to rail and road transport with tanker railway
cars and 18 wheel trucks.
Companies who seek employees for these bulk transport positions offering various schedules, with
the norm being 6 on, 6 off watches. Click
Canal Barge to check the latest developments on their job
board. Another major employer is
Kirby Inland Marine , on our grab bag pages. They have career paths
for entry level personnel as well as programs for academy graduates. What is life like aboard a large
inland vessel? Go to
Inland River Transportation Page 1 to get a description of life aboard the Ingram
Barge Company's M/V Peter Fanchi. For other inland carriers, click  
More inland opportunities.
What is life like aboard a large
towboat? Go to
Inland Jobs Page 1
to read about life aboard the Ingram
Barge Company's
M/V Peter Fanchi.
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