buy your own vessel?
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You know we're not serious. We know that anyone visiting this
site is highly intelligent, so we wouldn't insult you by suggesting
that you buy a boat if you can't find a job on one. Unless you
own waterfront property with your own dock, unless you have an
uncle who runs a shipyard that can handle steel vessels,
unless you like the idea of the regulatory paperwork of
operating a commercial vessel, then you know this isn't a viable
option for most people. But since you realize this is just for fun,
you can click the tugboat section of
Apollo Duck provides further
info about what it might take to buy your own tug. They have
other categories of ships as well, including military ships like a
retired 82' Point Class Coast Guard cutter, if it hasn't already
been sold. If the Point Class (affectionately, or unaffectionately
called the vomit comet by its crews) is sold, they have patrol
boats, minesweepers and other surplus naval vessels for
anyone interested in starting their own navy one day.
A donated 44' MLB sees service in the Djiboutian Navy. It's nice
to see these beautiful boats serving well past their careers. But
there's something odd in seeing them far from the violent surf
of the Oregon and Washington Coasts. See picture below.
For a commercial fishing boat in distress off the Washington
Coast, there could have been no more welcome a sight for
sore eyes than a 44' motor lifeboat charging through almost
anything the Pacific Ocean could dish out.