speed & distance traveled on the water
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Speed And Distance Traveled On The Water Can Be Tricky To Gauge
Speed and distance on the water can be deceptive matters. Because of their
size, large ships moving at a good clip sometimes betray the fact that they’ll
be on top of you in very quick time. The video above does a good job of
illustrating this. The car carrier is steaming at 12 or 13 knots, roughly 15
miles an hour. That’s a good clip. In the brief span of the video, she covers
about a quarter mile. However, from a distance, she doesn’t appear that
intimidating. This is largely due to the fact that wave disturbance at the bow is
minimal because of the bulbous bow. By the time this car carrier is almost on
top of you, you realize she’s moving along at close to sea speed. What’s
more, you’ve been out of her bridge’s line of sight for the better part of the
video. Although this well-played rendezvous that ends with a photo shoot at
the fantail is clearly not a crisis situation, it does reaffirm a healthy respect for
large vessels.

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