18,300 Horsepower Tug Saves The Day
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What kind Diesel Powered Tug can tow a 734 foot long bulk carrier at 8 knots in the
inhospitable seas off the Aleutian Islands? The answer is a tugboat with over
18,300 horsepower. It’s hard to imagine a power plant with that kind of output on
something that still calls itself a tug. Learn more about
Marine Diesel Jobs. We’re
used to seeing Electro-Motive Diesels, or EMDs like the model 645 or model 710 on
larger ocean-going tugboats.   
We see medium speed Caterpillar Diesels and Detroit Diesels on many inland
workboats, in 6 cylinder, 8 cylinder, or 12 cylinder arrangements. We see GM6-71s
and GM8-71 diesels, Perkins, Westerbekes, John Deere’s, and Detroit Diesels on
boats pulling harbor duty. We see two-stroke diesels, four-stroke diesels and bio-
The ultra-powerful Invader Class of Crowley tugs have an impressive 7,000 H.P.
between their twin EMD sets. There are inland towboats with triple Cooper
Bessemer drive trains that put out 8,000 or 9,000 H.P. We feature an interesting job
at the
legal jobs Wildcards page for an Instructor at the World War II fleet submarine
U.S.S. Pampanito (which by the way, had a set of Fairbanks Morse opposed piston
Tor Viking II  is an AHTS vessel whose sister, Vidar Viking, is shown in this photo. The class
consists of three ships, all of which are suited for ice-breaking duty. They can operate in 4 foot
thick ice. They are called tugs, but that may be in name only. They are really a very distant
relative of your typical harbor tug. Their 1,200 horsepower bow thruster and 1,200 horsepower
stern thruster are roughly the horsepower of a medium size tug. These relatively new vessels
that were laid down in 2000 have a displacement of 4,000 tons. That’s more than a typical World
powered by diesel engines totaling 18,300 horsepower. They have a crew of twenty three and
can do 16 knots. They are by no means ordinary tugboats. But then again, no ordinary tugboat
would have been able to tow a 734 bulk carrier at 8 knots like a sack of feathers.
The photo above shows the bulk