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Diesel Mechanics (Cont'd) Diesel mechanics may be employed by a fleet or by a
shoreside operation such as a marina or boatyard. If the yard is small, the mechanic
may need to be versatile enough to understand small gasoline engines like the four
cylinder sailboat auxiliaries.
Diesel Technician: The boundary between a technician and mechanic can
sometimes be blurry, as both positions may handle the same electrical diagnostic
and trouble shooting skills. A technician means more specialized training than
mechanics. Some of the major employers include
EMD (Electromotive Diesel) and
another major one is
Detroit Diesel.) Techs may employ non-destructive testing and
oil analysis programs. They may use more advanced diagnostic equipment.
Diesel Field Service Rep This job generally involves traveling to the customer
(vessel owner) and investigating technical problems. The problems may be
straightforward, such as discovering a failure to properly use filters that lead to water
in fuel which led to engine stalls...  or they may be complex, such as troubleshooting
an electrical problem in the light and power grid of a bank of generators.
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