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Marine construction and demolition has always been an interesting subject
because of the equipment and different job descriptions involved. These involve
construction jobs, engineering jobs, estimator jobs and more. Learn more about
such jobs at  
Orion Marine Group .  Truck driver jobs? Visit  truck driver.com .
A difficulty of finding jobs in the towing
industry is that small vessel
employers were hit hard by the bad
economy. People who worked on
ferries or as commercial fishermen
sought refuge with towing jobs. But
given things like TWICs, STCW,
random drug testing, some have
found it more practical to seek jobs
as truck drivers, construction
workers, retail cashiers, data entry
clerks, supermarket workers,
warehouse workers as well as
airport jobs, security jobs, teaching
jobs, tutoring jobs and other areas.
Although no one would put ten years
of sea time and a 1600 ton license
out to pasture, newcomers who
haven't made such an investment
are looking into other areas when
their job applications go unanswered.
Any of our visitors who hold a deck license are familiar with the concept of dead
reckoning. Although it is joked that  "use dead reckoning and you'll be dead", we
don't think that's a fair characterization of the navigational art. If you know your
position, heading, speed and properly calculate the manner in which wind and
current will affect your drift, you have a good chance of getting to where you want to
go. And it only involves basic arithmetic. Of course, in this age of electronic
navigation and GPS, some consider things like dead reckoning or celestial
navigation dying arts. They also have their shortcomings when uncontrollable factors
such as fog set in. Fog was a major cause of a terrible grounding off the coast of
California. On September 8, 1923, seven destroyers were steaming at 20 knots and
ran aground near the Santa Barbara Channel. Known as the
Honda Point Disaster ,
it was the U.S. Navy's largest peacetime loss of ships.
Here is a link to apply for an Able
Seaman position with NOAA. Click
link to
Government Job Site for
NOAA Job as Able Seaman.  
We wish there were more of
these types of positions to go
around. We link to additional
research vessel opportunities
below together with a mixed bag
of "wild cards". Good luck.
Although it can be interesting to marvel at the way commercial vessels, railroads and trucks
connect point A to point B, it's also pretty interesting that the marine structures that make it
possible arise from construction jobs such as engineer, estimator, safety rep and more.
Learn about opportunities at
Orion Marine Group, link below. And also check out truck
driver jobs, retail jobs and other links below.
More to come....
There are listings at supermarker jobs at publix or seasonal jobs at coolworks.com.
Although getting any job has been rougher due to the difficult economy, the
commercial mariner faces extra difficulties. Did you know about the wide range of
jobs arising at the
U.S. Mineral Management Services, a government entity ?
The USS Nicholas, at right, was
one of the Clemson class
"four-stackers" lost in the tragic
accident at Honda Point,
California. These fast
state-of-the-art ships were
among the Navy's newest
vessels in 1923. The class was
well past its prime for many
wartime duties when it formed
part of the 50 destroyer
exchange for bases between
the United States and England in
World War II. It was narrow, wet
and light in a seaway. However,
in the 1920s, it was like today's
Arleigh Burkes class.
Did you know  that the cruise industry giant Norwegian Cruise Line posts shipboard
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