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While the story sounds like the stuff of spy thriller novels, modern day marine
salvage companies deal with more mundane projects such as recovering
commercial ships. Such companies include
Associated Marine Salvage and other
operators, such as
Don Jon Marine. As for the fate of the I-52, the cargo of gold and
other precious wartime commodities rests in three miles of water in the middle of
the Atlantic Ocean.
Commercial divers generally go over the side to work outside vessels and oil rigs, not inside
them. But following a kamikaze attack off Okinawa on the
USS Bunker Hill on the morning of May
11, 1945, a navy diver went below decks to investigate the wreckage of the Mitsubishi A6M Zero
fighter flown by Ensign Kiyoshi Ogawa. The salvage diver found the fighter plane awash in water
while its live wiring still sparked. In a poignant gesture a half century later, the grandson of the
diver returned the pilot's personal effects retrieved from the wreckage. Source: Doing
his duty - vet's grandson gives personal effects back to kamikaze pilot's family - 03.29.01
After leaving Singapore, the Japanese submarine was supposed to meet U-530 in
a desperate rendezvous to exchange precious metals for wartime technology
(source: The mission was intercepted due to Allied code breakers.
Although a salvage operation was launched to recover gold and other precious
metals, no gold has been retrieved from the site.
If it wasn't for the interception of
by carrier-based planes from the
U.S.S. Bogue, the historic Japanese
submarine might have been able to
make the top secret rendezvous in
mid-Atlantic that would have enabled
the transfer of 2,000 tons of gold
ingots. With today's commodities,
silver, platinum, and gold prices
measured in terms of ounces,
expressing gold quantities in tons can
seem mind boggling to most precious
metals speculators.
Gold ingots and precious metals lost at sea on sunken ships have always captured the
When investors think of gold, they think in terms of ounces, such as $1,800 for an
ounce of gold, $1,900 for an ounce of gold. Who knows…  the sky's the limit as