the last generation of U.S. battleships
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The final culmination of battleship design in the United States
Jersey, part of the Iowa Class is shown above, in a view
looking aft beyond B turret. This ship represents the apex of
battleship design. Although not as refined, her smaller
predecessors, the North Carolinas and South Dakotas were
very impressive ships in their own right. Having been built
earlier and exhibiting greater constraints of the Washington
Naval Treaty, they were slightly slower and less spacious.
Nonetheless, they mounted the same nine 16" gun scheme.
To get a detailed insight into the engineering attributes of a
South Dakota class, click
here to enjoy a website made from
information gathered by someone who exhibits a lot of
knowledge about the U.S.S. Massachusetts, now serving as a
museum in Battleship Cove, in the state she was named after.  
Have you ever wondered what would have happened in a
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