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When the tug Mel Oliver and her barge and the tanker 600' Tintamora collided in the
Mississippi River on July 23, 2008, it resulted in close scrutiny of the steersman
apprentice position as well as major
salvage and environmental remediation efforts.
The Houston based company Bisso Marine worked on the project. If you watch the
History Channel series Deep Sea Salvage, you'll meet guys like Lunchbox and his
colleagues. Bisso also has
Gulf based operations in New Orleans.
Another major marine salvage company is Titan Salvage. At their website, you'll see
job opportunities divided between Singapore and the United Kingdom. Titan is the
company that handled the
Cougar Ace project (pictured below).
The Cougar Ace is a study in the loss of transverse stability due to shifting cargo
Bisso worked on the Mississippi following the aftermath of the collision of the 600' tanker
Tintamora and tugboat Mel Oliver and its barge. Here, three tugs work to keep the two
sections of the barge afloat after it was split in two. The collision resulted in the release of
some 400,000 gallons of no. 6 oil.  US Coast Guard Photo
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