So You Want to Work on a Boat
Career Guide Book - Employment Guide for Commercial Mariners
Professional Mariner Cover Letters & Resumes
Don’t you wish there was a book that took readers by the hand and gave them an
overview about working aboard commercial vessels? What’s involved in working on
tugboats, ferries, or cruise ships? How do you locate job listings? How do you get
those good jobs out there? How do you put together a winning resume and cover
Well, there is such a book! It’s called So You Want to Work on a Boat. The book is a
guide for working commercial vessels. Whether someone is interested in shipping
out on a 50,000 ton container ship or doing day work on a 90 foot dinner cruise
vessel, this book offers valuable information. It shows where to look for jobs. It
explains how to land a good job. It provides templates for professional mariner
resumes and cover letters.
What are the secrets of getting hired in this industry? Well, here’s a little secret… there are
no secrets! It basically comes down to a matter of knowing where to look and knowing how to
package yourself.  
Written by a maritime professional and licensed merchant marine officer, the
book covers the ins and outs of the industry. Curiously enough, the book
acknowledges that this line of work is not for everyone. For some people,
watchstanding duties might be too much to adjust to. For others, the isolation and
lack of privacy in going to sea can be too much to deal with. Some people might just
say, “to heck with all the red tape and credentialing requirements.” Appreciating this
reality, the book also covers employment in the maritime community that doesn’t
require going to sea.
Read a few pages of the book So
You Want To Work On A Boat,
by Thor Erikson.