Apprenticeship in shipyards
Internship for technical job - Journeyman - Steamfitter - CNC Machinist
Trades training in ship construction
In general, shipyards sponsor apprentices to develop skills that help them become
welders, electricians, machinists, journeymen, plumbers, steamfitters, sheet metal
fabricators, carpenters, riggers, and other positions in marine construction. Click
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technical leads for shipyard jobs.  Shipyard apprenticeships and
internships usually require basic skills and aptitude for science, math, and
This is necessary because the technical demands for these positions require
proficiency in taking measurements, reading decimals, and understanding
fractions. Workers in the technical trades often use micrometers, calipers, and other
precision measurement instruments that require basic arithmetic skills. For CNC
equipment, such as numerically controlled lathes and metal cutting equipment,
interns and apprenticeships could benefit by holding computer skills and data entry
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