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I wanna work where it's cold...  okay, so that rules out the Gulf of Mexico. But there
are as many employment opportunities in cool climates as warm ones. The issue
isn't weather, it's being near hubs of commerce. We don't feature too many leads in
Canada, but there is
Atlantic Towing in St. Johns Canada , on the Atlantic Coast.
At research vessel jobs, we have a new link for Jobs in Antarctica . However, keep in
mind that the environment is harsh and the locale might not be the best for those
who don't cope well with the isolation of long work stints away from home.
Between the US - Canada border is Lake Champlain Ferries (thank you for not
Legal IQ - What is burden of
proof when a mariner is
prosecuted in a crime?

With the Selengang Ayu, Dept
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The U.S.S. Honolulu, a Los Angeles Class nuclear attack submarine surfaces about 280
miles from the North Pole. The arctic surfacing brings curious polar bears to investigate. Not
surprisingly, we aren't aware of too many job opportunities in such northern latitudes. But
there are some other interesting ones featured below. U.S. Navy Photo
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