Commercial Diving Support Jobs
Salvage Divers - PADI Instruction - ROV Operators
Roustabout - Trimix Technical Diving - Remote Underwater Vehicles
Commercial diving jobs are not usual objectives of applicants seeking positions on
tugs. But the oil and gas exploration industry employs technical divers & ROV
operators (remotely operated vehicle) to perform inspections and repairs underwater.
As with oil rig roustabouts and roughnecks, there's a connection between vessel
Commercial divers generally go over the side to work outside vessels and oil rigs, not inside
them. But following a kamikaze attack off Okinawa on the
USS Bunker Hill on the morning of May
11, 1945, a navy diver went below decks to investigate the wreckage of the Mitsubishi A6M Zero
fighter flown by Ensign Kiyoshi Ogawa. The salvage diver found the fighter plane awash in water
while its live wiring still sparked. In a poignant gesture a half century later, the grandson of the
diver returned the pilot's personal effects retrieved from the wreckage. Source: Doing
his duty - vet's grandson gives personal effects back to kamikaze pilot's family - 03.29.01
Dive tenders, dive masters, and other support personnel are usually considered a
There are lots of good reasons to