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The difference between a turbocharger and a supercharger is that
a turbocharger is driven by the flow of exiting exhaust gases while a
supercharger is mechanically driven off the crankshaft, belt drive or
outside source such as a motor. They both accomplish the same
job, which is squeezing as much intake air into an engine as

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Working around diesel engines in
an operational or watch standing
  There are some
important things to know about
working around diesels. Many of
the visitors to this site are already
aware of these.

An engine room is a very loud place
to work. You'll need hearing
protection. Some people can find
the noise, vibration and heat to be
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The port engineer is a day worker who oversees the maintenance and planning for a
tugboat fleet’s engines. See
Dresser Industries It certainly helps to be a former
marine engineer to help appreciate what the crew needs to operate the diesel plant,
such as
spare parts, tools, and safety equipment.  
The diesel mechanic involves diagnosing and trouble shooting engine problems,
What are some of the jobs that deal with diesel engines? There are a number of