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Dinner Cruises , small luxury cruise ships, sightseeing tours, and tour boats attract
people from other parts of the industry. It can be a nice because sighting tours,
dinner cruises, sunset cruises and small luxury cruise ships can offer employment
opportunities close to home. See
Circle Line Downtown for a few new leads.
Another company to check out is Wendella Sightseeing Tours , where there are new
leads. Another operator that sometimes posts openings is
Yacht Starship. If there's
a downside to the dinner cruise and sightseeing tour sectors have taken hits
themselves in terms of last years fuel prices coupled with a dismal economy. Those
special bookings like dinner cruise weddings, bridal showers, corporate parties,
entertainment cruises have become less frequent simply because many
businesses have cut back their recreational budgets for such corporate outings.
We know some of these jobs aren't suited for all our readers because a 1600 ton
licensed mate with a towing endorsement isn't going to be interested in working as
a job as a bartender, waiter, banquet server at corporate events.
The Circle Line Sightseeing Boats are virtually an institution for tourists to see the sights of
New York like the Statue of Liberty, Hudson River, Manhattan Skyline and more. While we're
afraid to say we don't know of job leads for the classic Circle Line fleet, there is Circle Line
Downtown (featured below) with a few leads.
Whether you consider the Seabourn Spirit, pictured above, to be a very large yacht