ECDIS - Electronic Navigation & Electronic Charts
ECDIS - New IMO Regulations for Mandatory Electronic Charts - Automatic Radar Plotting Aid
APRA - Radar Alarm Systems
ECDIS, or Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems will eventually replace
traditional paper nautical charts. Under regulations from IMO, or the International
Maritime Organization, electronic charts will be required on vessels over 500 tons.
Compliance with Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems will require
deck officers everywhere in the world to familiarize themselves with electronic
charts, not to mention Bridge Navigation Warning Alarm Systems, or BNWAS. NOAA
provides an online
Chart Viewer - Warning: NOAA states: Use these charts as a
ready reference or planning tool.  Navigate with the official printed or digital charts
The IMO regs are being made in furtherance of safety and uniformity. The ability to
SOLAS, or the Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea addressed e-charts before
the advent of ECDIS or BNWAS regulations. However, these new guidelines will