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Although working on the water is a big draw, many people are saying, "to heck with
it". We can't blame them. Sure there are $100,000+ per year pilot jobs, and there are
also stints on luxury yachts where deckhands or galley stewards sometimes get
stiffed by a rich yacht owner. Some say a
census taker job is better than that!
'Interested in a position as jobs at a maritime publication or at Mystic Seaport?  We
call this section "Wild Cards" because that's what you'll find here. Although we have a
section called
grab bag on the site, it's a little different here because anything goes...
jobs as janitors, writers or jobs as instructors at
Massachusetts Maritime Academy.
The federal government is looking for a vehicle operator and park ranger. The nice
thing about taking a job as a driver for the feds is that it's a real job, unlike those
people on some sites advertising for a driver job in which you use YOUR car, YOUR
gas and work for tips... some driver job! Thanks guys, we'll pass on those.
wild cards 2 for more opportunities, including summer and seasonal jobs !
Here's a job site that was about as desolate as they come... Tillamook Rock. Although the
light was closed down in 1957, it sits on a Basalt outcrop about 20 miles off the stormy coast
of Oregon. We don't feature jobs for lighthouse keepers here, but this page will feature
postings for writer jobs, freelance jobs, work-at-home jobs, driver jobs and other "wild
cards" that can be a welcome change for those looking for something outside the industry.
Riviera Maritime Media, the publishers for
Dreaming of going to sea like
the kid on the magazine cover
above? It could be a romantic
notion. However, many
mariners we speak to are
looking to come ashore.
That's why we hope to expand
this section with resources for
work outside the tug industry.  
More to come......
Working at Mystic Seaport can
What does a Department of