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United States Army Corps of Engineers - Public Scctor Employment
The United States Army Corps of Engineers is a United States government agency
that provides engineering and construction services for the military and civilian
sectors. They oversees the infrastructure of the nation's dams, canals, locks, and
flood protection structures.
The federal agency has a workforce of about 36,000 people, consisting of both
military and civilian government employees. Its multidisciplinary services include
engineering design and construction. Learn about
career opportunities with the
United States Army Corps of Engineers at the federal government job site. The
agency plays a major role in the operation of locks used in inland marine
transportation. Something new... the USACE is looking for
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The government vessel Lawson is operated by the federal government under the United
States Army Corps of Engineers. The vessel is 96' long, 40' wide, with a draft of 5' 7". She has
accommodations for a crew of ten. She is power by three Caterpillar C18s, putting out 670
horsepower each at 2,100 rpm. Reduction gears are Twin Disc Model MG5170s with a ration of
5:03 to 1. Auxiliary power is provided by two John Deere 6081 AFMs, rated at 450 kW and 150V.
Housed in Kort Nozzles, four bladed Rice propellers with a diameter of 52" push the vessel at 10
knots. The
Lawson carries 9,990 gallons of diesel, 7,865 gallons of potable water, 734 gallons of
lube oil and 361 gallons of gear oil. Technical Specs - United States Federal Government - Army
Corps of Engineers.
The US ACE also handles dredging projects in navigable waters. During times of