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international jobs
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It operates in over 30 countries, providing services to the international oil and gas
industry. It operates in over 30 countries for the international oil and gas industry, off the
Coast of Africa, North Sea Oil Fields, Malaysia, Trinidad, Tobago, Norway, Southeast
Asia, The Philippines, Vietnam, China, Singapore, and Indonesia.
There are other international employers that we hope to soon add as well, offering
positions as oilfield roughnecks, roustabouts, commercial divers, and supervisors.
Don't forget to check out
Rigzone for opportunities in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and other
parts of the Middle East. We plan to cover the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia and
regions of the Mediterranean, Australia, and New Zealand.
Bourbon Marine is a major company in the international oil and gas industry. It operates
in international waters and offshore continental waters. It operates more than 400
vessels in the oil, gas, and energy industry. This is a link to their
Employment Page.
The hardworking vessel Bourbon Orca at Kristiansund.
More about this fleet's international operations below.
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