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You have no clue that the precious metal cargo aboard your aging merchantman
will be worth over $200 million long after World War II has ended. All you know at this
time is that your ship has to break from the pack due to a shortage of fuel. You
realize that means your aging ship, capable of only 10 knots, will now be vulnerable
to U-boats.
7,000,000 ounces of precious silver will find their way to the bottom when your ship
is torpedoed by U-101, just 300 miles off the Irish Coast on February 16, 1941. Most
of the crew is lost in the cold waters of the North Atlantic in this tragic sinking. But in
September of 2011,
Odyssey Marine Exploration, a Florida based company
identifies the wreck of your ship. The company also lists a number of interesting
Another interesting salvage effort for precious metals is discussed on the
page for the Japanese submarine I-52. If the precious cargo of silver buillon is
recovered from the Gairsoppa, Odyssey will keep 80% of the find, and the British
government will get 20%.
During the dark days of World War II, Winston Churchill said the only thing that really kept
him up at night was the U-boat menace. Although the Battle of Britain delivered him a victory at
the hands of the Luftwaffe, U-boats prowling in wolfpacks in the Atlantic threatened the cargo
lifelines of the British Isles. From the photo of the British submarine
HMS Tribune in the North
Atlantic during the war, it is apparent that life for submariners on either side was no picnic.
World War II military history may bring to mind images of famous generals and world leaders.
However, many people don't realize the sacrifices made by merchant mariners in crewing
those ships like the
SS Gairsoppa in the Battle of the Atlantic.
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