STCW training - coast guard license preparation
STCW Certification Course - Maritime Professional Training - SOLAS - Continuing Education
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Professional Training is a big part of the commercial mariner's career development.
The importance of maritime industry training is evident from the number of state
academies, community colleges, vocational schools and technical institutes that
offer Coast Guard license preparation courses and other programs for deck officers,
engine officers, and non-licensed personnel.
Continuing Education and professional training offer a number of benefits. We know
Is this a special resort where tugboat mates relieve stress by operating radio controlled
tugboats for fun? Not exactly… but it is how serious mariners train at a facility in France called
Port Revell. The specialized training center offers "hands-on" instruction for pilots and captains in
navigating large, deep draft vessels in crowded ports. It might look like fun, but it's a very serious
lesson plan designed to sharpen seamanship skills.
Massachusetts Maritime Academy
operates a similar program. Read more below about an interesting job opening with them.
We'd like to think that the trend in maritime schools investing more to develop such
programs for self-improvement and betterment could result in positions for
experienced veterans who want to come ashore to teach such classes.