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One result of the bad economy is that full-time workers sometimes enter the
summer job market with college students and seasonal help. It used to be that boat
workers could pick up money with golf club jobs, country club jobs, as swimming
pool lifeguards or
working at summer camp . New...  working in the Pacific Ocean .
Although there are positions at yacht clubs or even civil service jobs in Hawaii , the
competition everywhere is tougher. Summer jobs have become primary jobs instead
of seasonal employment for some people. But with the part-time nature of summer
jobs, some have turned to
Amtrak or in the NE, Conrail and the stability of railroads.
Summer jobs and regular full-time
jobs are alike in some ways. Sure,
it's easy to think of summer jobs as
different because they could involve
pools, beaches, camps, and fun, the
simple fact remains that many jobs,
whether seasonal or not, are where
the crowds are. Case in point, New
York and New Jersey are major
metropolises. With that are denser
opportunities. We feature two above,
the youth program in NY and the civil
service job board in NJ. Although
these are but a few and if you're does
hold true that like fish feeding,
crowds do correlate with jobs.  
Work in the South Pacific? This is the
adult pool at the Kwajalein Missile Range.
They have a number of openings that
include maintenance, shipboard, and
more. Click the link below to learn more.
The NYC Dept of Youth & Community  Devevelopment and the National Park Service
You didn't find a job on
a tugboat or other
commercial vessel?
That's not good....
'Just kidding!  Relax...
there are plenty of good
jobs out there and the
fact that you didn't find
something on a tug
doesn't mean anything.
Between getting through
regional exam centers,
license requirements
and identification cards,
it's not easy. A lot of
shoreside jobs are less
stringent in terms of
credentials and
Good luck!
Do you like the hustle and