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Engine Question

The oil record book for all U.S.
ships __________

is to be kept in the
possession of the master

b. should not be used to
record the accidental
discharge of oil or oily

c. is required to have entries
recorded within 48 hours of
completion of the particular

d. is the property of the U.S.
Trivia: What is rolling ?
Do you work in the
If so, we're
going to ask you if you
know where this place is?
Hint...  according to some
legends, the place is
haunted. Click
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this place to find out more
about this historic
What happened to the
Anchor Handling Supply Tug
Bourbon Dolphin? While
working off Shetland Island,
anchor for an oil rig when the
anchor chain shifted sides.
here to read more
about the tragic accident.
We wish we could personally respond to your e-mails... we're really pulling for all of
you, whether we're able to reply to you or not. Although times are hard, we'd like to
point out that there are alternatives to working on a boat... some of which we feature
in the
Wild Cards .  
We've added a couple of things lately. Some are leads that are geographically
focused, with featured employers on the Great Lakes and Gulf of Mexico.
From your e-mails (and again we apologize for not being able to personally answer
every one), we know that our readers come from a wide array of skills and licenses.  
Don't be discouraged. Things are upside down for a lot of folks... not because
they're lazy, not because they're unqualified. It's simply the way things have become.
Hang in there. Read about
job outlooks take two jobs to make ends meet.
For those who don't care for
weather employment .
Question - what is the typical
horsepower for a tug? 2,000?
3,000? How about
horsepower ?
Trivia: What is a
Voith Schneider propeller?
A staff meeting at
New Postings
Premiere Offshore Catering  They are a full service catering company serving the
oil and gas industry in the Gulf. They currently have a postings for cook and galley
Reinauer Up and down the East Coast, the tan and red paint scheme of Reinauer
tugs are a familiar site. This marine transportation company has been in operation
for close to a century and operations a large fleet of tugs and barges, as well as
being involved in other maritime ventures.
Current positions are listed on their site.
Kirby Inland Marine    Guess who runs the country’s biggest fleet of towing vessels
and inland tank barges? Kirby Inland Marine. They operate on a number of major
waterways, including the Gulf ICW. Cargoes hauled include black oil, refined
products, and petrochemicals (Reference: Kirby). Their five fleets encompass
almost 900 barges and over 150 towing vessels. See their
current openings.  
Weeks Marine - Marine Services, Administrative Assistant Headquartered in
Cranford, New Jersey, Weeks Marine started operations with dredging and
stevedoring. They currently have offices in several major U.S. and Canadian cities.
With a large fleet of powerful tugs and heavy equipment, Weeks covers dredging,
construction, salvage, towing, and more. Learn more in their
employment section.
Harley Marine - Regional Marine Safety Advisor Harley Marine provides a number
Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, CA, New York, NY, and Dutch Harbor, AK. They
handle petroleum products, serving refineries, platforms, ships, and other facilities.
In addition to its general towing services, Harley provides ship assist and ship
escort services (Harley Marine). Learn more in their
employment section.
Andrie - Able Bodied Seaman Andrie provides transportation services on the East
Coast, West Coast, Gulf of Mexico, and inland rivers, including the Illinois and
Mississippi River systems. They are in operation since 1988, operating a diverse
fleet of vessels that include large twin-engine tugs.(Andrie). Their website features
employee opportunities that currently include openings for ABs.   
Marquette Transportation - Vessel Operations Manager This marine
transportation company was founded in 1978 and operates more than 50 line haul
vessels and 800 dry cargo barges. In their
now hiring section, they post openings
for a number of different shipboard positions.
Brusco Tug and Barge - Various Openings This Longview, Washington-based tug
and barge operator handles marine transportation, dredging, ship assist, vessel
maintenance and other services. (Brusco) Their
employment section lists various
shipboard openings.
What happened to the tug
Valour? She sank in rough seas
40 miles from Wilmington,
North Carolina in 2007. The  
investigation concluded that one
of the factors causing the tragic
loss involved the fuel tank
cross-over valves.
Read more.
Are you a born leader? Is
there such a thing as a born
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July 2017 A New Study.

The American Waterways
Operators and the U.S.
Department of Transportation
entered into an agreement with
Price Waterhouse to report on
the role of the tug and towing
industry, looking its importance
from the standpoint of
revenues, personnel, cargo
moved, and other factors
more at American Waterways
'Ever wonder what cruise ships, ferries, tugboats, submersibles, tankers, and
icebreakers go for on the used market?
 Work Boats International lists these
vessels by category.
Maine Maritime Academy - Numerous Shipboard They announce a number of
openings ranging from maritime science to marine engineering. See their
employment section to learn more.
How did the tug Delta Captain
sink? The NTSB believes it was
uncontrolled flooding.
Read the
NTSB Report .
New York State Canal Corporation Tug Captain The NYS Canal Corporation
operates locks and canals throughout the state. They announce an opening for a
tug captain. See the
employment section of their website to learn more.
Great Lakes Group They post a vacancy for Tugboat Captain. See the employment
section of their website to learn more.
Young Bros They list a couple of vessel operations positions out of their Honolulu
division. See the
employment section of their website to learn more.
Donjon Marine works out of Hillside, New Jersey with a fleet of large tugs, crane
barges, dredges, hopper scows, and more. They handle salvage, transportation,
dredging, heavy lift, and other services. Their website announces they accept
applications for a variety of positions. Learn more at their
employment section .
Foss Maritime posts a number of new openings, including one for dredge captain.
Learn more at their
employment site .
Tankerman Golding Barge Line posts online applications for the positions of
deckhand and tankerman. In general, tankermen are involved in the loading and
unloading of liquid cargoes in barges. Learn more at their
employment section .
Deckhand U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Duties include assist in docking and
undocking, performing lash-ups between water craft and tugs, maintaining
cleanliness and safe work environment, cleaning, washing, scrubbing, and
chipping rust in connection with daily housekeeping and preparatory to painting on  
barges, dredges, hopper scows, and more.
Learn more at U.S. Government's
employment website
Small Craft Operator - Department of the Army - Army Installation Management
Command. The position entails operation of an inboard marine drive, diesel
powered, 32-passenger fishing or tour. Duties include orienting passengers,
issuing life vests, and helping fit vests on children. Learn more at U.S.
Government's employment website
Watch Engineer - Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company - Watch engineer duties
include monitoring pumps, motors, engines and other equipment
. This includes
inspections, repairs, and other functions.
Learn more at their company website
Great Lakes Dredge and Dock .
Something Different! - U.S.S. Midway Museum - Overnight Adventure Educator. This
could be something satisfying for candidates who enjoy working with youth. Learn
more at the museum's website  
U.S.S. Midway Museum .