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Deck Question

Which shallow water effect
will increase dramatically if
you increase your ship's
speed past its "critical

b. smelling the bottom
c. squatting
d. bank cushion

Trivia: What is pitching ?
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Please remember, effective December 2008, ships in the
southeastern Atlantic and mid-Atlantic waters must comply with a
10 knot speed restriction in designated waters to protect
endangered right whales. The new NOAA regulations (National
Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration) stem from efforts to assist
the recovery of right whale populations. Compliance with the new
regs are required by ships over 65 feet in length. NOAA says that
North Atlantic right whales are the most endangered whales in the
world. Click
NOAA to learn more about the regs.
Read this important
information about the
engineer in connection with
engine maintenance.
In an October 16, 2007 press
release, the U.S. Department
of Justice announced the
conviction of a ship’s chief
engineer aboard a U.S. flag
car carrier based in
Baltimore, Maryland. The
elements of the conviction
are one count of conspiracy
and two counts of making
false statements, according
to Acting Assistant Attorney
General for the Justice
Department’s Environmental
and Natural Resources
Division Ronald J. Tenpas.
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From that page, you can follow a
link to read about a criminal
prosecution involving a cracked
head in the no. 3 cylinder of the
main diesel engine on board the
Selendang Ayu that led to the
grounding of the ship.
Legal IQ
What is the
arbitration and
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