Whistleblower Law used in Federal Prosecution
Whistleblower Provision of the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships
Qui Tam
A workplace whistleblower was instrumental in the January 2012 prosecution of
two shipping companies that owned a ship engaged in deliberate discharges of
waste oil and plastic garbage. According to the United States Department of Justice,
Efploia Shipping was the technical manager of the
M/V Aquarosa, a 33,005 ton
cargo ship. Aquarosa Shipping was the owner. The whistleblower had taken
photographs of the violations on his cell phone.
Whistleblower laws offer protection to persons who report violations of an
The idea behind qui tam and whistleblower laws  is that it encourages people to come
According to Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships, the person who informs
authorities about violations can be entitled to an award that comes from the
penalities paid by the defendant.