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Most cooks on a tugboat or oil rig would probably start the day thinking about what
kind of food they would prepare for the crew. However, for a cook aboard the
Deepwater Horizon, events of the day turned all plans upside down. Read the
harrowing tale of a
cook's escape from a burning oil rig in this MSNBC news story
Our readers have already seen the NOAA Able Seaman posting in the Wild Cards
section. Is there such a thing as
cool weather jobs... you be the judge! Come back
soon because there will be more featured listings here.
A vessel's cook tends to concentrate his or her thoughts on things like what foods will
make the crew happy, bacon and eggs, omlettes, pancakes, how many dozen eggs are in
inventory, how many cases of milk there are... etc. etc. For one oil rig cook, the focus of the
day shifted to one more about how to survive an explosion and fire. See the link below to
the news story about a tale of survival aboard the Deepwater Horizon.
Also news is the postings at California Maritime Academy . They list some positions
for deck and engine personnel as well as other academic openings. Also, NOAA
posts an opening for
oiler, an engine room position, at the governments website.